EnergyNorthAmerica, LLC is a full-service energy consulting, strategic advice, and government relations firm composed of a team of experienced energy professionals.

Because the partners of ENA come from diverse energy-related backgrounds, we can assist clients of the firm with a wide variety of issues, from sourcing deal flow to shaping the legislative or regulatory landscape to their favor. The firm helps clients conceive, develop, fund, and implement complex energy projects. We facilitate large and small transactions to acquire and divest of oil and gas producing and non-producing assets. We work with clients to build beneficial relationships within the energy industry and in Washington, DC, and state capitals by putting to work our extensive network of contacts and experience derived from our years of combined experience.

Our expertise includes onshore and offshore oil and gas regulatory and policy issues at the state and Federal levels. We can address upstream, midstream, downstream, and distribution regulatory and policy issues, at all levels of government, including intrastate and interstate pipeline permitting issues, coastal/maritime/river issues relating to port facilities, drilling in the outer Continental Shelf, and many more. We help our clients navigate state and federal agency regulations, including but not limited to the Texas Railroad Commission and other state agencies, and the U.S. Departments of Energy, the Interior, Homeland Security, and Commerce, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

W. Jackson Coleman
Managing Partner & General Counsel

Jack has worked for 30 years representing and advising oil and gas companies, in senior positions in the federal government, and in the Congress.

Having served as both the General Counsel and as the Energy and Minerals Counsel for the House Committee on Natural Resources, Jack was the leading legal expert in the House of Representatives on energy, power, and minerals production from federal onshore and offshore lands, including renewable power, power transmission and energy pipeline issues.

The Honorable
Elizabeth Ames Coleman

Elizabeth Ames Coleman consults with clients in the federal and state energy regulatory arenas and provides strategic planning to companies navigating the intersection of their corporate planning with regulatory and political energy policy.

Further, Elizabeth helps clients prioritize and communicate their goals as they seek to build relationships within the industry and within in the government policy making arena.